Manchester Eats: A Foodies Festival

Is there anything better than a festival in the sun? Well yes actually, a food festival in the sun! In this case I am talking about the Manchester Eats festival which will he held at the beautiful Heaton Park on July 7-8th.he artisian festival promises to bring the very latest in food trends and cuisine and will […]

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Be Healthy This Summer

The summer fashion has arrived on the high street, and finally, the weather has been pleasant enough to enjoy wearing your light dress with a pair of oversized sunglasses. What’s not to love? You can sit down on a bench in a park or your garden – depending on where you live and let the […]

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Preparing To Celebrate A Special Occasion: The Easy Way

Special occasions occur all year around, but there does seem to be a certain concentration of them in the summer. months! Whether it’s your best friends wedding you’re helping with or your own birthday party, preparation will be key. However, this prep time doesn’t have to be stressful and manic. There are a number of elements […]

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