Day: July 16, 2019


Mindset for Business Interview: Honest Nutrition_MCR

Linde from Honest Nutrition Mcr is a Manchester based Dietitian. She favours a holistic and traditional approach to nutrition. Her Instagram page is a constant source of knowledge for me, and after recently catching up with Linde at Dr Chatterjee’s gut health event and talking all things health, I put her down as one of […]

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Tommy Turner’s Battle For Yorintown

Amber is currently really into adventure stories and one book which we have recently read is, ‘Tommy Turner’s Battle For Yorintown. This is a follow-up to ‘Tremendous Travels book. Aimed at kids aged 8-12 (although Amber is 6 and enjoyed it), the book tells the story of Tommy finding himself in an ancient Maya City […]

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Money Saving

5 Ways Your Home Is Costing You More Money Than Necessary

Do you have oodles of money just lying around? Are you happy to pay over the odds for things in your life? No, I didn’t think so, as there are few of us can be so blasé when it comes to our spending! Sadly, many people are paying out more than necessary when it comes […]

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