Captain Kombucha Review

Kombucha bottle

One of my favourite areas of my job is learning about gut health. It’s something which I have personal experience of and gives me greater understanding when advising customers.

One recent product which we have started stocking is Captain Kombucha. I already heard about kombucha in general through nutritionists championing it over on social media and I knew it would be a product that could potentially benefit me

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a bubbly probiotic drink in the form of fermented tea which is then sweetend. Healthy bacteria (probiotics) line your digestive tract and support your immune system ans can be particularly helpful if you suffer from conditions like IBS. Obviously you know I take a daily probiotic sachet but Kombucha is something which I now take on a weekly basis as a ‘top up’ when I’m feeling especially run down.

Since switching to a mainly vegetarian diet my gut has been all over the place with all these changes and stress and anxiety trigger gut issues for me. I have found that drinking Kombucha on these days has really positive effects for me, and Captain Kombucha tastes great! In terms of flavour I have tried coconut, raspberry and original, with coconut being my favourite. As it is high in sugar I normally drink half a bottle and then keep the remainder for another day.

Kombucha is supposed to have lots of other benefits like easing joint pain and improving alertness, I can’t comment on these from a personal level as I don’t drink it often enough yet, but I’m looking forward to doing some research.

Have you tried Kombucha? Captain Kombucha is available from Holland and Barrett.

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