Surviving Winter With Fika And Friends

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Over the past 6 months I have made self care a priority and have looked at how other cultures practice self care. One movement which I have recently adopted is ‘Fika’ which is a Swedish word that means to meet up for coffee and cake and a chat. This is something which Swedes consider an essential part of their daily lives and it is something which is even part of many workplaces.

To me Fika is about mindful living and taking an hour out of my day to have a coffee with a friend and to share mutual stories about our lives, our families and our goals for the days or weeks ahead. My favourite place to embrace Fika is a quiet coffee shop in the morning, like Chapter One Books (I mention them in a previous post) or my local Starbucks which is always quiet after the school-run.

As I work from home during the week it is very easy for me to incorporate Fika into my schedule. However this is still something which can be adapted to suit your work situation, or you could dedicate some time after your working day to meet a friend for a coffee. Even grabbing a 10 minute Fika break with a friend can do so much for your self care and state of mind.

It’s also an opportunity to have a digital detox by switching your mobile phone to silent and giving your companion your undivided attention. Although the Swedes love to include cakes and pastries you could switch to a healthier alternative by bringing along some home bakes or inviting a friend over to your home.

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