Healthy Kitchen

A healthy kitchen is the first start  to eating and living well. Always make sure to read the ingredients no matter how healthy a product claims to be!

Fridge Essentials:

Greek Yoghurt (0% fat), low fat yoghurt (check ingredients and sugar level!), mature cheddar, feta cheese, skimmed milk or almond/hazelnut unsweetened dairy-free milk, lean poultry and meat or trim the fat/skin off before cooking and oily fish. Cold meats such as turkey.


Lentils, kidney beans and other beans and pulses. Brown rice, brown basmati, quinoa, cous cous, whole wheat pasta, peanut/almond butter (Meridian is a great choice as they have no added sugar or salt in their butters, cinnamon, low-salt stock cubes, spices and herbs. Coconut flour, spelt flour, wholemeal flour.


Coconut Oil (suitable for baking, frying and adding to drinks) and vegetable/rapeseed oil are the best choices for cooking. Olive oil can lose it’s nutrients when cooked on high heat so be mindful of this.


Frozen vegetables, homemade meals/soups, chopped up fruit for adding to smoothies (I use bananas and strawberries and tend to buy the unsweetened frozen packs of mixed berries for smoothies), and homemade flavoured butter cubes for making garlic bread for example.


Sweet potato, new potatoes (lower GI than regular potatoes so releases energy slowly), squash, spinach are all full of nutrients and low or medium GI.

Fruit: Avocado (Amazing benefits for inside and out and great added to smoothies), Banana, apples, berries and satsumas are my staple.


Water, herbal teas and unsweetened pure fruit juice not from concentrate. Coconut Water is also a great choice, full of potassium and very hydrating!

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