{AD-Gifted} Celebrating Father’s Day With Nivea

This weekend is Father’s Day and an oppourtunity to celebrate the hero in your life. I know that Father’s Day can be a difficult one for some of us, which is why I also like to celebrate the father figures in our lives or our amazing partners

As my step-dad lives in Scotland and with lockdown keeping us apart, I’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with my partner and our daughter. We’ll be having a lovely meal at home and a family walk (weather permitting.)He loves the Nivea for Men range especially since it caters for sensitive skin, so I’ll be presenting him with some of his favourite products from the range.

The products are already packaged in a beautiful box (thanks for saving me a job Nivea!). Here is a sneak peak of what I will be treating him with this Sunday.

Sensitive Shower Gel

This is the shower gel which my partner already loves, it’s soothing for sensitive skin and has a lovely masculine scent. It is also suitable for body, face and hair.

Sensitive Face Wash

This face wash constantly gets great reviews. It has 0% alcohol and provides an instant relief from 5 signs of skin irritation: burning, dryness, tightness, itchiness and impurities. It is especially good for bearded skin.

Sensitive Intensive Cream-Gel

This is a product which he hasn’t tried yet, so I am looking forward to seeing how he gets on with it. Once again this contains 0% alcohol and provides an all day relief from 5 signs of skin irritation: burning, redness, dryness, tightness, itchiness. It is also non-sticky and non-greasy. Something I always look for in a cream is that it absorbs quickly- this one claims to do that, so I think we’re on to a winner.

Sensitive One Stroke Shave Gel

This is another new product for him to try, however he does currently use Nivea shaving gel so I know he will love it. He has previously commented that the Nivea shaving gels are more suited to his sensitive skin than some brands that he has previously tried.


*This post contains a PR package from Nivea.


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