Help:Beautify Skin. My new favourite beauty must-have!


When it comes to beauty products I generally don’t spend too much or worry too much about brand names. I’m very lucky that I have good skin which comes from years of keeping hydrated and eating the right food. However now that I’m in my 30s I am becoming more concerned about the ageing process so I’ve been trying out different beauty supplements to find one which meets my needs.


One brand which I have been really impressed with is Works With Water . I have been using their ‘Help: Beautify Skin’ Daily Jelly supplements and have seen such an improvement in my skin. I naturally suffer from dry skin at times so this has been a god-send for me.

The jellys are apple flavoured and come in 14x 10g sachets so you can take it on the go, perfect if like me you forget to take pills in the morning.

What I also love is that the sachets can be placed in the freezer to make a cooling and refreshing treat in the summer.

The ingredients list is impressive too and was the first thing I looked at when my boxes arrived. Help: Beautify Skin contains PravenAGE, a patented blend of Marine Collagen, Resveratrol, CoEnzymeQ10, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. All the ingredients are natural and work together to give your skin anti-ageing benefits and keep it hydrated and healthy. My skin always reacts well to Aloe Vera so this product has been fantastic.

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