My Top Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Skin

IMG_20160214_131158I’m always keen to look after my skin, although it can be hard to with a busy schedule. Even though magazines and TV ads are always trying to sell us potions and lotions, the best skin care methods are often lifestyle changes.

Instead of making sure that you’re using the right BB cream, you can choose to live your life in a way that’s healthy for your skin. For example, I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet for many reasons. Looking after my skin is just one of them. There are other ways to make smart choices for more youthful, unblemished skin. Check out some of my favourites.

Change Your Diet

What you put into your body makes a difference to your health. Your skin is an organ, so it’s just as affected by inner influences as external ones. Keeping it hydrated by drinking lots of water is just one of the ways your diet can affect your skin. There are several skin problems that can be helped by adjusting your diet. A lot of people with acne choose to cut out dairy and other foods. Eczema can be triggered by a range of foods too, from milk to artificial colourings. If you find that you have bad skin, experimenting with cutting things from your diet could help you.

Stop Smoking

I have family who smoke or have smoked in the past, so I’m familiar with all the effects it can have. Apart from the ways it can affect your heart and lungs, throat, mouth, and more, it can also give you bad skin. Smoking can have an impact on your circulation. It means that your skin and hair don’t get the nutrients they need. Many studies show that fewer people smoke now, but there are still lots who struggle to quit. I know people who have been successful with a range of methods, including vaping. A lot of people like them because you can buy almost any flavour you like from an e liquid uk store. So if you miss the taste of smoking, it’s easy to get it back.

Sleep More

Catching enough Z’s is super important if you want healthy skin, and a healthy body all around. Any parent knows what it’s like to be sleep deprived and feel like it’s making you not just feel but look like a zombie too. Your body needs time to heal after a long day, so you have to get plenty of sleep. Repairing your skin isn’t the only thing a good night’s sleep will do either. It can also help you lose weight and reduce stress.

Sun Protection

Many of us don’t worry about the sun enough. We might put some sunscreen on when it’s scorching hot, and we’re planning to sunbathe. But you can get sunburnt even when it’s an overcast day. And even if you don’t get burnt, you could still be damaging your skin. Instead of saving the sun protection for special occasions, using a moisturiser or foundation with an SPF is a good idea.

A couple of changes to your routine could lead to healthier skin. Make some lifestyle adjustments and I think you could be surprised.



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