An Intimate Evening With Scott Disick

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To say I was thrilled to receive an invitation to an exclusive event involving ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star Scott Disick would be an understatement.

But this is exactly what happened when Steph Ledigo, owner of Ledigo PR in Manchester messaged me to say I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to attend the event.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Scott Disick (which can’t be THAT many) he is best known for being the long-term partner of reality TV star and total babe Kourtney Kardashian and a regular on the party scene in the US.


The event was held at the 5* Lowry Hotel in Salford and hosted by Key 103’s Chelsea Norris. I arrived just after 6pm and made my way to the meeting area where a large crowd had already gathered. Steph greeted me and told me to have a mingle and that the entertainment would be starting very soon. I spotted a few girls from the ‘Manchester Bloggers’ group that I am a member of and after a short chat we were invited in to the meeting room along with other bloggers, press, local celebrities including Coronation Street’s Brooke Lee Vincent and Ellie Leach, and the beautiful WAG Magali Gorre a big star in her native Holland and best known in the UK for being a part of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Lowry Arrival

Entertainment was by Dominic Halpin and the Honeybees who did a good job of warming the crowd up. While the room was starting to fill up I took the opportunity to get some photos with Brooke and Magali and also the stalls which were in attendance.

Dominic Halpin and the Honeybes



My favourite of the stalls was ‘Sexy Smalls’ their range looked great and definitely a company to watch out for ladies! The link for their website is Sexy Smalls


Once my work was done I sat down just in time for Chelsea’s interview with Magali who gave her side of the story of the recent confrontations on the Real Housewives of Cheshire and exclusively revealed that the ladies are in talks for a second series. Magali oozed confidence and came across very warm.

After a bit of a delay and chants of “Scott, Scott” Mr Disick finally made his appearance, albeit looking a bit disorientated and sat down with Chelsea. He apologised for being late and explained that he had been asleep “For like 16 hours in the car.” And that he didn’t realise how far it was to travel between cities in the UK compared to New York.  He then made reference to some guy banter on the tour which involved him cutting off his managers hair which had us in hysterics. After a brief Q&A with Chelsea, Scott got ready for photos with his fans who included an adorable group of 13-year-olds who had made a banner in his honour.

Scott Balloon


Towards the end Laura (a fellow blogger) and I had our photo taken with Scott.


Overall a great event by Ledigo PR and Chelsea Norris.

Ledigo PR



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