{Gifted} Brill Kid – The Big Number 2: Awesomeness – The Next Level- Book Review

As a fan of personal development books I have been keen to introduce my 8-year-old daughter to similar books which are aimed at kids her age. It is important to help kids navigate that tricky stage where they are starting to learn to push boundaries before they get to the even trickier teenage stage! This is also the age where their self-esteem starts to take the main stage, and as confident as Amber is- I do find her comparing herself to her peers.

Brill Kid -The Big Number 2: Awesomeness – The Next Level is a personal development book for kids aged between 7-11 and is the follow up to Diary of a Brilliant Kid. It is written by the amazing trio Andy Cope (Doctor of Happiness), Gavin Oattes (stand-up comedian), Will Hussey (a teacher) and illustrated by Amy Bradley.

Amber and I were hooked straight away thanks to the hilarious quotes at the very start of the book. My favourite being, ‘I see that one of the authors is listed as “Gavin Oattes.” I think you’ve spelt “Oats” wrong. Just saying.’

There is then a reminder to the young reader about the importance of being yourself and not to worry about being perfect. The chapters are labelled as ‘dollops’ and are as follows.

  • Dollop One: You are the REAL deal.
  • Dollop Two: The parable of the okay day
  • Dollop Three: Weird Science
  • Dollop Four: Lego 4 Life
  • Dollop Five: Screen Time
  • Dollop Six: The Great Jam Ripple Of 2008
  • Dollop Seven: How To Train Your Parents
  • Dollop Eight: The Ultimate Poetry Challenge
  • Dollop Nine: Joe’s Amazing Technicolour Wheelie-Bin
  • Dollop Ten: The Money Savvy Kids
  • Dollop Eleven: Daymares
  • Dollop Twelve: ‘It’

I love that the dollops are designed in a way where you can read random ones of interest rather than in the running order. There is plenty of silliness which encourages kids to stay focused whilst having a giggle amongst the more serious topics and life -fulfilling advice.

There are also activities throughout the book which works as a good way to reflect on the previous dollop. Amber loved the happiness activity which had the prompt of thinking of the happiest person that she knows and to explain why she thinks they are so happy, and how could she learn from them. There is also a great activity more suited to older kids where they are encouraged to think about the next 20 years of their life and to write three versions of their future. I actually did this one myself, it was a great activity.

There are random facts scattered throughout and every page brings more fun and helpful advice and quotes from Disney movies such as Brave.

Amber’s favourite was Dollop Seven: How to train your parents. I REALLY wanted to keep a straight face but it was full of absolutely hilarious questions and advice such as encouraging your parents to eat well to stop them from being lethargic and falling asleep on the sofa.

She also loved the affirmations in the book, especially ‘I am enough’ as this is her mantra. As a life and mindset coach I think that the authors have done a terrific job of ‘talking’ to kids and offering advice in a really simple and digestible way. I loved that every page made Amber smile and reflect on her own personal journey around confidence and imposter syndrome. Most importantly I loved the reminders of being true to yourself, knowing your worth and talking to yourself in a kind way with positive affirmations.

This is truly a great personal development book and one which I am happy to recommend to fellow parents.

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