{Gifted} Moments of Comfort- Book Review

Sometimes you read a book and it literally warms your soul. I was kindly sent a copy of Moments of Comfort by Gill Hasson to review. Moments of Comfort is a mindfulness based book focusing on Embracing the Joy in Life’s Simple Pleasures. 

When you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or sad it can feel hard to reach out for support or you just might not be ready to yet. You might not know how to forgive the person who has hurt you or you might not know how to manage rejection. Gill gives tips and strategies to manage these tough times through embracing the small pleasures in life such as..

  • Understanding sadness
  • Getting out in nature
  • Breathwork
  • Laughing more
  • Managing Disappointment
  • Coping with grief

Even though I already practice self-care, Gill’s tips have given me the encouragement to indulge in my small pleasures more and the quotes in the book really resonated with me. The walking meditations have been so helpful for me and something which I have been able to incorporate into my daily walks without much effort.

I also enjoyed Gill’s inclusion of affirmations- positive  statements about  yourself  and your abilities. I start each day with affirmations and I love that Gill gives simple steps on how to start your affirmation journey. There are also sections in the book for writing down notes such as your personal simple pleasures and tips for starting a spiritual journey.

The illustrations by Eliza Todd are beautiful. I’m a fan of art therapy for managing anxious moments and I always find myself looking at illustrations to give me a point of focus.

Moments of Comfort is a great book to give as a Christmas gift or for a loved one who needs a gentle nudge to incorporate self-care into their lives. This has been a lovely addition to my bedtime routine.

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