How To Build Your Career With An Internship

Starting a career after college or university can be a daunting prospect, especially when so many industries are competitive. That is why applying for an internship is a good idea for anyone looking to build their career.

An internship is a form of work experience which can be paid or unpaid and usually lasts from a few weeks up to around a year. This is a great way to gain valuable work experience as well as a professional reference that you can add to your CV which will make you stand out from your competitors. Internships are also one of the best ways to build networking skills and to build contacts which might come in useful in the future. Another benefit is that a successful internship could lead to an offer of a full-time job.

Another way to get the most out of an internship is by doing it abroad. International Internships London offer a great package including a guaranteed work placement in your chosen field, career coaching, social events, professional networking opportunities and visa support. This takes away the stress and hassle of doing all the research and planning on your own. There is also 24/7 support, which is essential when living and working in a new country and the challenges that might bring.

Location wise, it doesn’t get better than London. It’s a multicultural hub where over 300 languages are spoken, it’s a lively city with great transport links within the city but also to counties such as Surrey and East Sussex, where you can escape for a quiet weekend or country walk.

London also offers lots of career opportunities, especially within finance, law and the entertainment industries. The finance sector in particular is known for hiring interns at the end of their placement. One reason for this is that, as an intern, you’ll have gained valuable work experience with the company and will need less training than someone who hasn’t interned there. This puts you at an immediate advantage.

Other benefits of doing your internship in London include embracing a new culture, making international connections and an amazing social calendar. Social events to do in London include visiting museums, watching a live sports match such as rugby, football or Wimbledon and the incredible West End. Trust me, you will be too busy to even think about being homesick.

I spent every other month in London whilst starting out in my previous career in retail management for female fashion brands and the benefits for me included seeing how the top designer brands in London merchandised their windows and stores using unique creativity that made me visualize how my store could look. I also took advantage of the short fashion courses on offer and local fashion shows. It was a hub of experience and personal growth for me and something that I would highly recommend to anyone starting their career journey.

London is also home to a host of professional exhibitions and live training events and doing your internship abroad will show prospective employers that you have skills such as adaptability and flexibility. There is also a level of confidence that you will gain from working in a big city.

The end goal should be a CV that stands out and which shows work experience, a large and relevant skillset, positive professional references and clear examples of personal growth and development. One additional tip that I would add as a coach is to take up a new language, as even having a beginner- level ability on your CV will give you a further advantage, especially when applying for roles with companies that have international bases. This could be done while at university on an evening course or once you start your internship.

With this in mind, it’s important to really think about what you want to get out of your internship and set clear goals to help you  achieve your career aspirations. For example, if you live in France and your end goal is work and live in Australia, then doing your internship in London shows that you are willing to travel for the right role, that you have experience working in another country and that you are independent and ambitious.

There are lots of benefits to internships and, in my opinion, they are essential for building a successful career in competitive industries. One final piece of advice is to embrace the experience, be professional and work with as many different departments as possible. Show your line manager that you are a keen hard worker and remember every task equals a new skill to add to your skillset.

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