Wuka Period Lace Lingerie- Feel Sexy Throughout Your Cycle

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Last month I shared my experience of Wuka and their period pants which I simply loved. They have also recently launched their first ever period lace lingerie range and kindly sent me a pair to try in the form of the Wuka Ultimate Lace High Waist. Firstly they look stunning and are such a step up from the plain black full briefs that I had spent years wearing during my period. The lace detail is stunning and the fit is extremely comfortable. I went for the heavy flow this time, and even though the padding is lighter than the super heavy I still had no issues with leaking even though I was on day three of my period. This design can be worn for up to 8 hours, so I was able to wear them from bedtime to around 6am.

It is such a revelation wearing something sexy during my period and I don’t know about you but sexy underwear gives me such a confidence boost, so wearing these when I would usually feel un-sexy and bloated was a lovely mindset shift.

I’ve had conversations with friends where they have said they feel sexy during their cycle and their sex drive is crazy, but there is such a stigma around being open when it comes to period sex or they don’t know how to approach the subject with their partners. So maybe just maybe wearing sexy lace lingerie might give them the hint that they desperately need.

Price £23.99

However the price points vary depending on the flow and pants. The medium flow are an absolute bargain at only £17.99 and there is currently a discount on the bundle ranges.

I think these would make a lovely Christmas present for someone who is passionate about eco-friendly products. The fit is also true to size which makes it easy if you’re buying these as a gift.

*Wuka kindly sent me this as a gift with no obligation to post*

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