4 Fitness Myths You Can’t Afford To Believe

The health & fitness industry is full of so much false information and so many myths. Today, we take a look at four fitness myths you can’t afford to believe:

You Need Supplements To Get See Results

By far one of the most believed myths in the fitness industry is that you have to take supplements to see the desired results. Now, while supplements are very good and can be extremely helpful, they’re not essential! If you control your diet and manage what you eat, then you can get all the essential nutrients you need in your body already. Supplements are very useful for people that aren’t able to get loads of essential nutrients in their system. Take vegetarians and vegans as an example, it’s hard for them to eat a lot of protein, so a protein supplement will help, as will a multivitamin and mineral. This isn’t to say you should stop taking supplements altogether. I’m just saying they aren’t essential, which is what some people are led to believe.

You Need To Train Every Day

This is a really common myth amongst the classic bodybuilder types that seem like they live in the gym 24/7. They’ll claim you only get results if you’re in the gym every day, seven times a week. This simply isn’t true at all. In fact, as you can see here www.evolvefitnesslondon.co.uk, there are 12-week transformation programs where you only need to train 3-4 times a week. Yes, regular training is a must, but you don’t need to exceed 4 times per week to see results, they’ll still come extremely fast.

You Need To Train For At Least An Hour

This is another myth that so-called experts will make you believe. Apparently, you need to be in the gym for at least an hour if you want a good workout. Sometimes, you should stay for two hours if you’re training more than one body part! Again, this isn’t the case. There are countless articles on sites like http://www.livescience.com that prove you really don’t need to spend that long in the gym. As long as you keep up a high level of intensity, then you can get some killer workouts in under thirty minutes.

You Shouldn’t Train Weights If You’re A Girl

Finally, we end with one of the biggest myths around. So many people tell you that girls shouldn’t lift weights. If you do, then you’ll start building lots of muscle and end up looking like a bodybuilder. No, this is incredibly false. For starters, girls don’t make as much testosterone as guys, which is the main driving factor in muscle growth. So, you’re never going to look big and muscled like those jacked up guys you see in the gym. Instead, you’ll get more toned, and your muscles will firm up and help you look a lot leaner too.

Don’t believe any of these myths as they’ll stop you from reaching your true potential. If anyone ever tells you something and you’re not sure if it’s good advice or not, just ask them to back up their points. If they don’t have any scientific health & fitness studies to prove their point, then you shouldn’t believe them!


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