{AD} The Edge 12 Week Fitness Challenge

One of my goals for 2022 is to focus more on my overall health, mental and physical. During my pregnancy I was consistent with my nutrition and fitness, I was doing daily home workouts suited for pregnancy. However it has been much harder to stay consistent since having a baby. I have found myself snacking rather than eating actual nutritious meals and struggling to fit in fitness, although I do walk at least an hour every day.

With this in mind I have signed up to The Edge 12 Week Challenge to get my nutrition and fitness levels back to where they need to be for my own personal health reasons. Paul who is the personal trainer specialises in working with busy parents and I found him to be really understanding when I was struggling to stay on track during December with covid in our household and general mum life duties. However I have a new mindset coming into 2022 and am motivated to achieve my goals with Paul’s support and alongside his app. The app in itself is really useful and sends you reminders to log your meals in the food diary. There is also an option to add photos of your meals and descriptions. I find this helpful as it is so easy to skip meals with a baby so I find the food diary to be a good reminder for me to eat and drink

Paul also regularly adds new recipes and all workouts are in the app. As well as the app there is a Facebook group for extra support. I haven’t had as much time to do all the workouts but I find them to be easy enough to navigate and I have already lost 4lbs mostly from eating better and focusing on rest and hydration which in turn stops me from craving sugary foods.

With anything it is much easier to stick to a new routine with a support network or an accountability buddy and this is where a challenge like this works. I see this as a stepping stone to being more consistent after the 12 weeks.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress over on my Instagram.

If you like the sound of the challenge you can get £100 off by using my code Latoya.

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