Fitness: Getting Fit At Home With Gym Cube


So over the last few months I have struggled to motivate myself to go to the gym as often as I would like. This is due to a few reasons but mainly because my gym is a 30 minute bus journey away, so with travel and a good workout it’s 2 hours of my day. With a toddler to look after, a house to manage and a heavy workload with my blog it is a large chunk of my day to take out.

So I cancelled my gym membership and a few days later I was contacted by Gym Cube to review their online fitness and nutrition plan. Now there are loads of these online plans, many of them celebrity endorsed and not really credible in my opinion. What interested me in Gym Cube is that Ben Coomber is part of the team. I have followed Ben on social media for years now, I’ve been to his seminar before and I listen to his podcasts around 3 times a week, he is a nutrition genius and very sensible in the content that he puts out. His involvement made me think, yes I want to work with these guys.


How does it work?

On registration you are allocated your own personal trainer, you are given their contact details and they are available to offer advice and answer any questions. On your online profile you fill in your goals, mine is simply weight loss. There is also a ‘My Stats’ section where you input your workouts and calories burnt (there’s a section which tells you how many calories each exercise burns). You can also add any workouts that you have done outside of Gym Cube, for example a run, swimming or the gym.



The workouts are so varied, for example fit mummys workout, beginners pilates, Ibiza chill yoga, cardio, 10 minute shred and lots more. All levels are catered for and you can also filter results depending on what equipment you have at home. Many of the workouts just use bodyweight.

The nutrition section looks good so far, I am still in the process of reading through it. But Ben Coomber asks you about your nutrition knowledge, lifestyle and goals so that you an start your journey and achieve those goals. There’s a recipe section and videos to. And I was told by Ben to contact him if I need any help with anything.

At only £12.25 a month this is a fantastic option if you can’t afford a gym membership but still want expert advice and support.

I’ll be doing a follow-up post on my experience, any weight loss and overall thoughts over the next few months.



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