Fitness: Ufit Pro50 Review


When it comes to protein drinks I tend to make my own rather than buy the pre-mixed ones. This is mainly due to adverse reactions I seem to suffer from. However if you remember a few months back I reviewed Ufit Strawberry Protein Drink and found it not only delicious but also gentle on my stomach.  So I decided to give their chocolate flavour a try.

This time I was sent their Pro50 drink to try. Pro50 contains 50g of protein per bottle, I prefer to have no more than 30g of protein at once, so I would split the serving in half. Still gave me a decent 25g of protein. Pro50 also contains amino acids, vitamins and fibre and is low in fat which all help to support an active lifestyle.

The Macros Per Bottle are:

Kcals 336, Sat Fat 3.1g, Carbs 18.3g and Protein 50.2g


Also it tastes really good, no powdery or chemical aftertaste. I have a big sweet tooth and struggle to find chocolate protein which actually tastes like chocolate. This leans towards chocolate milkshake which obviously is great and I would give it top marks for taste.

With all protein supplements this is ideal post workout but also as a snack in between meals. And like I said earlier if you are uncomfortable with the 50g of protein in one go, you can split the serving in two.

If you’re looking to up your fitness routine too they why not look at taking up cycling.

Product provided in return for an honest review.


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