Lean Greens Trim Formula Review

Over the last few months I have been making an effort to exercise more, and like most people this means having a protein shake after my workout. As I am lactose intolerant I can sometimes have issues digesting certain brands of whey protein and to be honest even vegan proteins aren’t always great as they can be grainy, tasteless and pricey.

However, one of my favourite sports nutrition brands, Lean Greens sent me a selection of their gluten and lactose free Trim Formula to try. Trim comes in two flavours, chocolate and vanilla and are available in 20 individual serving sachets, making it easy to carry to work to the gym and contains 86% whey protein isolate (the purest form of whey). Each sachet contains 22g of protein.

As you will know I don’t recommend skipping meals or having shakes as meals but rather as a supplement to use alongside a healthy diet or as a protein top-up if you can’t reach your protein macros through your diet.

Taste Test

Both flavours are great, I think in general it’s hard to find a bad vanilla whey, but I have had problems finding a quality chocolate protein powder in the past, many are too artificial or overly sweet. However the Trim chocolate was neither and blended really easy with water to give me a delicious chocolate taste which didn’t leave me feeling sick, it also smells amazing! I’ve been tempted by cheap protein powders in the past only to find out that they don’t mix well or end up a lumpy mess, I’ve lost count of how many protein powder fails I’ve had in the past and I have realised that paying a little more is worth it.

As well as protein, Lean Greens also sell a range of supplements including gut health bundles which you know is another condition which I am passionate about.

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*I was sent the Trim Formula in return for an honest review.

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