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Akkas Miah is a Rochdale based qualified Personal Trainer at Pure Gym who has recently completed a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition. It has always been my plan to add a fitness section to my blog to help those who need advice and tips on starting their fitness journey. I have worked with Akkas and I know that when it comes to fitness advice he’s the first person I would call up. So naturally I was excited when he agreed to contribute some of his knowledge to my blog.

Having gone through a tough body transformation (see pic below) Akkas can relate to his clients who are trying to shift weight and you only need to read his client testimonials on his Facebook page to see how much they love him.








Q: You under went an amazing transformation last year what was the motivation behind it?

A: Well I studied a degree in Nutrition, I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer, but all those qualifications mean nothing if I cannot practice what I preach and apply that knowledge on myself. How can I expect people to follow my nutrition/training plans if I don’t follow one myself? How can I get someone dedicated if I have never experienced it? Doing the transformation taught me many lessons, which I think has turned me into a true professional in my industry – also I look and feel much better for it which is always a plus!

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to lose a large amount of weight?

A: My answer is two things – consistency and simplicity. Be simple, keep it basic and keep true to your goals and what you want to achieve. Don’t be spending money on useless supplements and junk, and wasting time on fad diets and shakes. The body was designed to eat good food and move often, so do just that. Anyone who thinks a tablet or a pill will undo years of overeating and bad lifestyle, needs a reality check. If anyone tries to sell you that junk – they don’t know what they’re doing and trying to scam you. And of course consistency – be consistent – there’s no substitute for hard work. Put the hours in and your body will thank you, promise.

Q: You followed a Ketogenic Diet to help with the fat loss. What are the pros and cons of it?

A: The Ketogenic Diet saved my life, period. The pros are endless, it provides your body with many minerals, vitamins and optimal fuel for optimal functioning. The body requires fat to function, it needs proteins to function – so why we eat so many carbohydrates is beyond me, the body doesn’t need it. If anyone wants to argue it I can prove it with science and research and little bit of common sense. The cons are that you cannot enjoy your cakes and biscuits, but that soon becomes a pro, since your body adapts very quickly and recognises it’s just junk and poison.

Q: Supplements are everywhere at the moment, do you use any?

A: I only use a protein and creatine supplement every now and then, it really is few and far between. Any other supplements I use is purely because I somehow managed to get them for free, would never pay for them! I wouldn’t bother spending money on useless supplements, it’s a supplement, to SUPPLEMENT your diet – the diet remains key. If your diet is somewhat complete, what’s need to supplement it? The supplement industry is worth billions for a reason, it’s all marketing that seduces you and entices you to part with your money for no results.

Q: As a PT, how would you motivate a client who lacks motivation and is struggling to stick to a fitness/nutrition plan?

A: I don’t believe people lack motivation, I think they lack confidence in themselves. They don’t feel confident they can be lean and healthy and lose lots of weight. They don’t trust the protocol – that’s why many think raspberry ketones will work – or fat burners – because they don’t think a healthy diet and exercise regime will work. Because they lack confidence they lack conviction – and that’s why they struggle with weight/goals etc. As a PT I give them confidence, with conviction, I help them believe they can achieve their goals, and I make sure they follow the protocol given.

That’s why I guarantee results to all my clients.

Q: What exercises would you recommend for someone new to HIIT?

A: Uphill sprints, kettle bell swings and if you can get your hands on some battle ropes, either through alternating beats or power slams. All three are low impact but can really tax your body and give you a serious calorie burn! Of course you can do anything else really, but those are my favourites and I use them with my clients all the time, it works a treat!

Q: Which foods would you recommend pre and post workout

A: I would recommend a high fat, low carb and moderate protein meal, pre workout – something like:

  • Full fat Greek yoghurt with blueberries/raspberries and Linwood’s flaxseed mix
  • 2 Rice cakes with lots of nut butter

Reason for this is sustained energy levels, your body does not want to crash during your workout so the fat slows things down and gives you longer lasting energy. The protein of course provides nutrients for recovery. Go lower carb because carbs help you relax and make you feel lethargic, something you don’t want when you’re training.

As a post workout I would recommend going low fat, moderate carb and moderate protein – something like:

  • Bowl of porridge with water, sliced apples, raisins and cinnamon
  • A small portion of yoghurt with mangoes/pineapples/banana and cinnamon

Reason for this is fat slows down absorption of nutrients – however post workout we need nutrients right away. Of course protein is a must since it oxidises pretty often and turnover is high for those who train. I say moderate carbs because you have only just trained an hour, two tops, and the intensity is not that of an athlete so the need for carbs is overrated. Even a 1:1 is more than enough. Bright coloured fruits such as mangoes and pineapple are great for a rapid insulin response and boost in sugar levels, and the cinnamon complements it well since cinnamon is well known to increase sensitivity to insulin. Give it a whirl!

Q: Do you think there are benefits to fasted workouts?

A: I think there is a benefit however it is overrated and the benefits of it is grossly exaggerated. I would recommend eating something before training since the thermic effect of digesting that food would be high and performance would be greater – hence a more powerful training response resulting in higher kcal burn both during and post workout. There is a longer answer which I can happily explain for all those who would like to get into contact for more info – but for the purpose of this blog let’s just leave it at that.

Q: BCAA’s, what are the benefits?

A: BCAA’s are short for branched chain amino acids. They consist of Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine. These three amino acids are essential in our diet and we need them to function. These amino acids also contribute to initiating protein synthesis and is somewhat anabolic. I would recommend drinking BCAA’s throughout the day and during your workouts to keep protein synthesis constant and keep your body in a muscle preserving/building environment.

Q: Lastly could you tell me about your PT role at PureGym Rochdale, and which classes you personally offer?

A: Well I am a Personal Trainer at PureGym Rochdale and in terms of classes, I do Legs, Bums and Tums classes, PurePump, Pure Bodyweight and Pure Tabata classes also. The best classes are the Tabata and Pure Bodyweight classes, absolutely BRUTAL! But such a good buzz and vibe in the classes!

I also provide 1:1 Personal Training, Group Personal Training, Nutrition and Training plans as part of my services and offer services for deep tissue massage for athletes with a tight musculature. Come along down to PureGym Rochdale to see what it’s all about! If not at least check out my page on Facebook at Akkas Miah PT Facebook  – it speaks for itself.

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