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So my guilty pleasures are ice-cream and banana milkshakes. I absolutely love banana milkshake but not so keen on the calories, sugars, fat etc. And the ‘healthy’ ones are usually bland. Also since banana whey protein is generally overly sweet or artificial tasting I haven’t bothered to create my own.

However, this week UFIT sent me some of their NEW banana protein to try. You guys know how much I love their ready to drink shakes, and I’m always excited when they create new flavours. So I knew the banana flavour would be as good as their previous flavours and I immediately thought “Ooh, I could make a protein banana milkshake.” So I simply added a few squirts of low-fat whipped cream and some dark chocolate chips. It’s so good, you must try!


I tried the shake on it’s own first though, so I could give an accurate review. So lets talk about the science bit.

  • 22g protein
  • No added sugar
  • Includes, Vitamins D, E, C
  • Includes Selenium and Calcium

The taste as with all their other flavours is absolutely delicious. They have perfected the recipe so that you have all the benefits of a high protein shake without the artificial taste. The banana flavour is just the right amount of sweetness and is very similar in taste to my favourite milkshake but with a thinner consistency. And I know that post-workout I can’t wait to have an ice cold protein shake, this ticks every box for me.


If you’re new to trying ready to drink protein then UFIT are a brand I would highly recommend for taste, price and the fact that it’s not only available from online retailers or health stores but also at stores like Tesco, One Stop and McColl’s.

*Contains PR samples.


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