One of my favourite drinks in the world is iced coffee, I find it gives me a bigger energy hit than regular coffee. I also love protein iced coffee but if I’m in a rush to leave the house it can take too long to make fresh coffee then wait for it to cool before blending it with protein powder, ice cubs and milk.

I tend to avoid shop bought iced coffee as they are usually packed full of sugar. So this little gem from The Protein Drinks Co. is a fantastic addition to the UFIT protein drinks range for iced coffee lovers like myself.

The 310ml bottle contains an impressive 22g of protein, 113mg natural caffeine and 100% Arabica coffee.

It is also low in fat and has no added sugar. Let’s have a look at the macros.

Per 310ml bottle

173 calories, 2.9 fat (1.9g sat), 13.5g carbs, 22g protein. Also included are vitamins D, E and C. And calcium and selenium.

Taste wise there is no compromise on flavour even with the reduction of sugar. The flavour and taste of the Arabica coffee beans really come through and you’re left with a refreshing and indulgent drink. It is incredibly filling thanks to the added protein and fibre.

I have been saving my drinks for a mid afternoon snack but they are perfect anytime, even as a post workout drink.

I know there are similar protein iced lattes doing the rounds, but what I love about UFIT drinks are that they never have that artificial taste and gloopy texture that companies have and you can always trust that a high level of quality control has been put in place.

*This post contains PR samples, however all opinions are my own.

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