Unique (And Exciting) Ways To Get Fit

If you’re looking to get fit, you may find the idea of going to the gym painfully boring. Who wants to sit on an exercise bike, looking at a white wall in a room that smells like other people’s sweat? Surely that can’t be healthy? Luckily, there are many ways that you can get fit, and they don’t have to involve going to the gym. I’ve noted them down here, so that you can be as healthy as possible, and without the boredom (and the suspicious smells) that we all fear…

Do a charity challenge

There’s nothing that quite motivates us like the idea of getting fit as some kind of challenge, especially if it’s for charity. There are many things out there that you can work towards completing, such as the 24 peaks or 3 peaks challenge, or a country to country cycle. If you want to go further afield, why not do the Dalai Lama trek, or the Great Wall of China trek? Whatever charity challenge you’re looking to embark upon, it’s a great motivation to get fit, and you’ll feel greatly fulfilled when you know that you’re doing it all for a good cause. So get training, and complete a charity challenge!

Get a sport-related hobby

If you’re looking to get fit but you really don’t like the idea of doing something mind-numbingly boring, why not rid yourself of the stress and pick up a sport-related hobby, instead? There are plenty of things out there, from mixed martial arts to dance classes, and it is a great way to make exercising fun. Not only this, but you’ll have a skill under your belt that will last you a lifetime (and you’ll be able to defend yourself in case of an emergency if you decide to take up martial arts). You could even enter competitions if you manage to get really good at it, and it may become a big part of your life. Say goodbye to the treadmill, and hello to some fun hobbies. 

Run a marathon

Running a marathon should be something that everybody does at least once in their lives. Not only is it a great way to raise money for charity (and another good motivation to get fit) but it’s also a great personal feat if you can manage to do it successfully. If you’re struggling with any health problems you can also do a half-marathonwhich is just as impressive and also requires a lot of training. Having something as an end goal, however, will really help you to get fit, and you’ll be glad that you went through it all when you see how much you’ve raised for charity. Get training, and sign yourself up for a marathon near you!

So, there are many unique and exciting ways to get fit, and they don’t always have to involve getting a gym pass. Do a charity challenge, run a marathon, or pick up a sport-related hobby, and watch your fitness levels increase whilst you also have fun!


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