Food Review: Schwartz Authentic Spaghetti Bolognese

Schwartz Spaghetti Bolognese

I am a big fan of Italian food and Saturday nights are usually spaghetti bolognese night in my house. So I was pretty chuffed when my favourite seasoning brand, Schwartz asked me to review their Spaghetti Bolognese sauce mix .

I have used quite a few of their range in the past and what I love about these mixes are that they are really easy to use and save time on cooking, which is great when you have a hungry child to feed. The mix contains tomato, garlic, basil, and oregano, so you get a really authentic Italian taste. This also saves time and money, and there is no garlic infused chopping board to try and clean. Hurrah!

My young daughter loved creating this recipe with me and she was in charge of mixing the sauce mix in with the chopped tomatoes. You only need a few other ingredients to add to the pan before leaving the mince to cook for around 15 minutes. You then mix your cooked spaghetti in at the end to absorb all the yummy meat sauce before serving and topping with some fresh basil.

I was quite interested as to how the finished meal would taste as I love traditional home cooked spaghetti bolognese. Although it turns out there was no need for concern as the meal was absolutely delicious, tasted authentic and the garlic really comes through which is something Amber loved. The sauce comes out quick thick so you can a real sense of comfort food with this recipe.

I also bought another sauce mix to try it with a meat free mince, and we got the same delicious result, which is great since we are trying to reduce our red meat consumption in the new year.

The Schwartz mixes are available to buy locally at Tesco for £1.08 RRP. This is an absolute bargain when you consider how much it would cost to buy the herbs and garlic on its own. Stocking up on these mixes are great if you are forgetful like me as all you need is mushrooms, onions, mince and chopped tomatoes- things which I always have at home.



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