Fuelling my nut butter addiction with Dr Zaks protein peanut butter


I have developed somewhat of a nut butter addiction over the last year and this doesn’t look like going away soon after trying two new peanut butter flavours by Dr Zak’s

I was sent their chocolate orange and sweet banoffee pie flavours, having already tried their apple & cinnamon one. All Dr Zak’s peanut butters are free from palm oil, naturally sweetened with fruit extract and contain no preservatives. Add to that 7.2g of protein in every 20g serving and you have a winning combination. (Good luck sticking to just 20g though). The partially hydrolysed whey protein ensures that they whey protein particles are are broken down into smaller particles to make it easier and quicker for your body to absorb.


The sweet banoffee pie flavour is probably one of the best peanut butter flavours I have ever tried and is perfect on waffles or pancakes or you could simply dig in with a spoon. It’s sweet without being sickly and works well in baking too.


Another tip would be to add a tablespoon to a smoothie.


Again they have got it spot on with the chocolate orange too, which tastes and looks incredibly indulgent, however I would have liked the orange flavour to come through a bit more as it is my favourite sweet combination. But this is easily sorted by adding a small amount of orange zest.

I’m looking forward to experimenting a bit more with these, so keep an eye out!

Has anyone else tried the Dr Zak’s peanut butter range? I would love to hear your thoughts on the best flavours.

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