Horsham Gingerbread & Sweet Sussex Biscuits Review

Sweet Sussex Thins

Today on the blog I am reviewing two new food products, from a fabulous family bakery in West Sussex. Lesley Ward launched Horsham Gingerbread in 2013. An old recipe for gingerbread from the family of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who lived near Horsham, West Sussex, and her own hand written recipes were the inspiration for the product which I will be reviewing today. Today Lesley runs her business with her daughters and has a passion for experimenting with old recipes and new flavours to delevop her range of products, which was awarded a Best Taste Award in 2018.

Horsham Gingerbread

Gluten Free Recipe Gingerbread

This recipe is inspired by one from over 200 years ago and has a very rich and traditional flavour. Ingredients include black treacle, muscovado sugar, and butter. Linseed meal is blended with cornflour (the non-gluten free version uses flour) to give the cake a lovely firm texture. I have tried gluten free bakes before and quite often they be hard and cardboard like. I loved that this recipe ensures that the gingerbread is chewy. Taste wise I’m not the biggest black treacle fan, as I find the depth of flavour too overpowering, but along with the other ingedients I found this to be quite satisfying, although probably not something that I would personally buy.Sweet Sussex Thins

Gluten Free Sweet Sussex Thins- Biscuits for cheese

Lesley’s range of Sweet Sussex thins uses a recipe which uses linseed meal grown and processed by Durwin Banks & his family at Barns Green in West Sussex. These Artisan biscuits have a nutty texture but melt beautifully in the mouth. Although they are best enjoyed with cheese, they are also delicous on their own and suit both savoury or sweet toppings. I sampled it with a plum and apple chutney too and the flavours worked perfectly. As I mentioned before gluten free bakes don’t have the best reputation for texture but these are perfect and a product which I would be happy to keep stocked in my pantry going forward.

What I love about the company is that is a family run business who stay very true to their roots and the history of Horsham and each recipe has its own lovely back story. It is clear that Lesley and her daughters love adding a personal touch to their products and this shows in the quality of the products.

*I was gifted both products in return for an honest review.




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