Ibiza Ice Review

If you know me you’ll know that I’m not a big drinker, but I do like to enjoy a drink on special occasions. Alcohol is usually empty calories so I like to stick to lower calorie versions where possible.

Ibiza Ice kindly sent me their range of sparkling wines to try. The wines are an all-natural blend of Austrian mountain spring-water and fruit wine made from apples and pears. They contain no artificial preservatives or refined sugar, resulting in a low calorie drink. The ABV is only 5.5% which is perfect if you want a slightly lower alcohol level.

The wine comes in two flavours.

Ibiza Ice Sunset- Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail– This is a blend of fruit wine and exotic pomegranate and tastes delicious, it’s flavoursome without being overly sweet and is surprisingly refreshing. I loved the pomegranate undertones. It’s only 198 calories per bottle, which is great for a drink which has so much sweetness.

Ibiza Ice White Isle- Lychee, Lime & Melon– This was my favourite out of the two wines. I have never tried lychee in an alcoholic beverage before and it was a perfect addition to this fruit wine and balanced well with the lime and melon. All flavours come through perfectly and the lime balances what would probably be an overly sweet wine without it. This combination of ingredients works together extremely well. The bottle contains only 204 calories.

These wines definitely had me wishing I was in sunny Ibiza rather than rainy Manchester, and didn’t leave me with a sore head the next morning.

Sustainable– The bottles are sustainable aluminium and are 100% recyclable and shatterproof and come with a handy ring pull cap, which is great if you don’t have a bottle opener!

Ibiza Ice are available to buy on DrinkSupermarket.com with a RRP of £2.49 per bottle, Amazon UK with a RRP of £3.99 per bottle and SPAR stores across Scotland with a RRP of £2.49 per bottle.

*Contains PR samples.

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