Jammie Dodgers Oaty Bites Review And Giveaway


Now that Amber is 4 her social calender is more packed than ever, from after school gymnastics club, to drama club on a Saturday and theatre visits with Drew and I for my job. With such a packed schedule I am always looking for easy on-the-go snacks which is easy to carry around. I normally pack fruit, a sandwich and water, but it’s always nice to have a treat in there. Obviously it’s always better to make those treats yourself but with such a busy schedule myself it’s nice to have a ready to go option.

The jammie dodgers oaty bites are a great convienient snack. Jammie dodgers were always popular in my house when I was growing up, my mum would always hide them from us though as they would never last long in our pantry. This time around the brand have introduced a new product called Oaty Bites. Made with wholegrain oats and raspberry fruit pieces, they contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners, they’re also lower in sugar than most kid’s mini biscuits on the market. The Raspberry Oaty Bites are designed to be a healthier biscuit snack for children under 5 (aged 3-5 specifically).

The oaty bites come in a 125g multipack which contains of 5 mini packs. Each mini bag contains 116 calories, 1.7 sat fat and 4.9g sugar, which is pretty impressive for a kids snack and which can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. As the oaty bites are made with wholegrain oats they are surprisingly filling, and also make a great snack for adults. They have a soft texture with small raspberry pieces and each oaty bite has either a love heart or ‘jd’ engraved which is a cute touch.

The taste test

These have been a huge hit in our house, the raspberry flavour comes through perfectly but isn’t overpowering which is good as Amber isn’t the biggest raspberry fan.

The packets are available at Tesco with an RRP of £1.69


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