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There is always a big debate when it comes to protein bars. Many, if not all are marketed as a ‘healthy’ snack alternative. But take a quick look at the ingredients on the back are more than likely it will contain refined sugars or high levels of natural sugars, plus loads of random additives. I’ll be honest and say that I do love a protein bar. I don’t keep them in the house but if I want a quick snack on the go I’ll buy one due to the fact that the high levels of protein keep me fuller than a regular chocolate bar.

Nutritionist Suzi Walker’s The Primal Pantry’s range of Paleo protein bars are right up my street. Now as you know I’m not a fan of labelling food ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’ but to simplify things these bars are one of the cleanest on the market. The bars contain 10/11g of protein and around 200 nutrient dense calories, and have an entirely clean list of ingredients, free from refined syrups, additives or flavourings. Ingredients include orange peel, cocoa nibs, dates and hemp protein.


The two flavours, Mixed Berries and Cocoa Orange are both absolutely delicious. Usually I’m not a big fan of mixed berry flavoured bars as I find them too sour, but this one was a good mixture of flavours and sweet enough for my palette.



The Cocoa Orange has a lovely thick brownie texture and the flavour of the cocoa nibs really comes through, so great if you like a strong chocolate flavour. This was my favourite out of the two flavours.

The bars are suitable for people with special dietary requirements as they are vegan, gluten free, raw and paleo. They come in at a reasonable £1.99 per 55g bar, I have paid close to £3 for protein bars before, so the price point is great when you consider the quality of ingredients used.

For more information and for stockists visit The Primal Pantry.

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