Changes To Make To Your Diet For A Healthier You

If you are always feeling tired and sluggish, you may have forgotten how it ever felt to be anything different.

In order for your body to run efficiently, you need to fill it up with the right things. It’s a bit like when you fill up a car with petrol, and it runs better!

You know that you need to be putting the right stuff in. Fruit, veg, supplements and water are the good stuff. The chocolate, crisps, soft drinks and takeaways? They’re the bad stuff. We know this! You can read all the articles in the world about WHY you must eat healthily. There are enough of them out there. But what about HOW? How can you actively go about putting healthier things in your body?

Here are some tricks and ideas you might want to try!


We all know that green tea is far better for us than black tea, or coffee, or sugary drinks. But to drink the recommended amount for it to make a difference, it’s a lot of work! Instead, drink Matcha Powder. It consists entirely of ground green tea leaves. Sensible folk in Japan have been benefiting from this for years, but it’s only recently reached our shores. Just a single shot a day can increase energy levels loads, and it’s also said to help stop that midday slump.  I first tried matcha last year (see pic above) in a matcha latte. It’s absolutely delicious made this way and is really popular at all the cool brunch spots.

Alternatively, you mix it into your smoothies to make them even more beneficial to your health. Don’t be put off by the thought of the taste! It doesn’t taste all that bad. By mixing it with juice or milk, rather than just water, it tastes even better.

As for your solid fruit and veg, there is a way to make it taste better. Some people are blessed with taste buds that love the taste of healthy things. Others are not. You may want to consider trying miracle berry tablets. One of the most expensive fruits in the world is miracle berry.

It is also one of the tastiest. These tablets are flavoured with miracle berry, and can totally transform sour tastes into sweet ones. They are also low-calorie which is great if like me you have a sweet tooth!

Next, and onto your water intake. Just as important as the food you are eating is the drinks you are consuming. We’ve already talked about matcha powder, but the real key lies in your water intake.


If you are going to prioritize the increase of one thing into your body, it’s water! Spreading it out right across the day makes it far more bearable. If you have one large glass as soon as you wake up, and another before you leave the house for work, that’s two already. Keep a water cooler on your desk or in your main work area so fluids are always close at hand. Another tip is to make infused water, simply add any fruit or veg like cucumber, mint or strawberries to your water . It gives it a lovely subtle flavour and is great if you don’t like the taste of plain water.

Of course, the occasional treat is okay! A slice of chocolate cake on a special occasion won’t cause any lasting damage. But the healthier you get, the less appealing these items may taste. Some people swear that once they cut sugar out of their lives, they don’t like the taste of it anymore! Instead, there taste buds love healthy stuff instead. This, of course, is brilliant news!


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