Health: Collagen Benefits For Skin & Joint Health


A few months back I wrote about how I had started supplementing with collagen to keep my skin healthy and was going to add it to my daily beauty regime. I’ve been so impressed with my skin, even through the cold months where my skin would naturally be really dry.

Since then I have been researching collagen more and researching other benefits for example joint care, increasing strength, muscle mass and bone density. I know when we think of joints we think old people. However from my time working in the retail supplement industry, the majority of customers who suffered from joint complaints were younger people, especially sports people and people who work in industries where they are required to be on their feet all day. This can cause joint problems and is something that can be prevented by supplementing with collagen.

Personally I’m not a fan of capsules or tablets so I always recommend powders as it’s easy to add to a homemade smoothie, yoghurt or water. The convenience also means that you are more likely to make it part of your daily routine. Hellenia do a wide range of collagen powders on their website, including a Proactive Hydrolised collagen powder aimed at older people, Proderma Hydrolised collagen if like me you want to use collagen for skin health and a ProSport Hydrolised which is aimed at sports people and has the benefit of having anti inflammatory properties to give you extra support post workout. It also contains essential amino acids.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on collagen powder benefits.

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