Essential Ways To Age-Proof Your Body

None of us are getting any younger… Or are we? The more we learn about our bodies and the more sophisticated our understanding of medical science becomes, the more we can come to question the presumed inevitabilities of the ageing process. While we see many examples of ageless beauty in Hollywood and a plethora of people in their 50s and 60s accomplishing tremendous athletic featsthe truth is that the secrets of a fit, healthy and ageless body and mind are not the preserve of a wealthy elite. The truth is that any one of us can enjoy vim, vigour and physical wellbeing well into our old age. 

It’s never too soon, it’s never too late

There’s never a bad time to start looking to the future and thinking about our bodies and minds in our later years. Even if we are very young, it still behoves us to think about how we will look after our bodies in later life, even if “how much do I need to save for retirement” isn’t one of your greatest concerns. Besides, the better you look after your body now, the more you’ll be able to continue working and earning good money. Likewise, even if retirement is a prospect that’s closer on the horizon than you would like there is still plenty of time to whip yourself into great shape. Here are a few ways in which you can age-proof your body…

It starts with the heart

It will come as a surprise to few that an ageless body starts with a healthy heart. The healthier our ticker, the better able our blood is to pump oxygen and nutrients to our bodies. Thus, we need to age-proof our hearts with regular cardiovascular exercise but let’s not forget that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. A heart healthy diet is low in cholesterol and saturated fats. That means eat more plants and less of everything else. Indeed, many are going vegan for heart healthDon’t wait till Veganuary, start today!

Nourish your mind

The body isn’t the only thing that needs to be well nourished for better health in old age. We must also take steps to protect our brains as we age. Never mind brain training apps and sudoku, one of the best ways to maintain an agile mind in old age and keep dementia at bay is to hit the gym. When we exercise, we reduce our risk of plaque buildup in the brain which can increase our risk of dementia. Plus, be sure to load up on these brain boosting foods each and every day.

Strength in old age

Last but not least, as important as it is to get lots of cardiovascular exercise to stay healthy in our old age, we mustn’t neglect strength training which is also extremely important. A lean and well toned body doesn’t just look great, regular strength training actually tricks your cells into behaving as they did when they were younger. What’s more, having lots of lean muscle mass to support your joints can make you much less vulnerable to mobility issues in your later years.

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