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Last month I was officially made an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I’m always reluctant to take up ambassador roles because they can be time consuming but nutrition and educating families and especially kids is something which I am very passionate about. Also I have been a Jamie Oliver fan for over 15 years, it was his cookbooks which caught me to cook and I love his drive and energy for improving nutrition for kids.

Tomorrow is my first #FOODREVOLUTION day as an ambassador and Jamie and his ambassadors will be taking over social media all day with blog posts, recipes and cooking challenges, use the hashtag above to get involved. My appointment came too late for me to really network with local schools, but I am currently doing my food hygiene course which will enable me to teach some cooking classes in schools and children’s centres very soon.

However I wanted to share two delicious and nutritious recipes which you can make tomorrow.

The first of which is a breakfast which is high in healthy fats from the avocado, eggs and olive oil. And the vegetables, kale, green peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes are full of vitamins. So this is a great balanced meal. I simply cook the vegetables in olive oil and Jamie Oliver’s Szechuan chilli flakes and black pepper. And the egg is also cooked in olive oil. You can also swap the kale for spinach if you prefer. A high fat breakfast keeps you fuller for longer too which is good if you have a busy ahead or want to avoid mid-morning snacking.


The next recipe I want to share is my favourite #Fakeaway, but is basically a healthier version of a takeaway, and proof that you can still have your favourite foods.

This chorizo fried rice is cooked with brown basmati rice, I used a rice cooker but if you are boiling the rice it should take around 20 mins.


Recipe- Serves 3

2 Cups Rice
3 Large handfuls of kale
1/2 Green pepper chopped
5 cherry tomatoes cut in quarters
1/2 chorizo ring- 110g diced
2 tsp reduced salt soy sauce
2 tsp fish sauce
1-2tsp Chilli flakes

Cook the rice as per packet instructions (should take about 20mins) Meanwhile prepare the chorizo and vegetables and fry in 1 tbsp olive oil until softened. Add the cooked rice and the fish sauce and soy sauce, stirring so that the rice can absorb all the flavours. Add the chilli flakes and cook for a further 1-2mins. Add salt to taste.

For more information and to get involved tomorrow visit Jamie’s Food Revolution Page and share your healthy recipes using the hashtag #foodrevolution.



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