Healthy Eating Hacks For Busy Lifestyles

Healthy eating can seem like a chore to some people, however not eating a balanced diet can eventually lead to so many ailments. I speak to so many people at work who come to me for advice for ailments such as tiredness, joint pain and gut issues. And 9/10 it is down to lifestyle choices and poor diet. Our first instinct when we feel unwell is to reach for the medicine cabinet, however no-one wants to be taking medicines or supplements everyday. This is why it’s important to get as many nutrients as possible from your diet.

As you’ll already know from my Instagram feed, I love making sure that I am getting a balanced diet. Recent guidelines say that we should now aim for 10-a-day of fruit and vegetables. However I like to follow the Australian system of 7-a-day (5 vegetables and 2 fruit). This is actually quite easy to do. For example I love adding grated courgette to my oats to make ‘zoats’ and then a low sugar fruit like berries (you can use frozen berries). This ensures that I am starting my day with 2 of my 7-a-day already. You could also substitute the courgette for grated carrot.

Another one of my favourite hacks is homemade smoothies and juices. With homemade juices you can control exactly what goes in. I always recommend going for a mainly vegetable juice combinations as they contain less sugars than fruit. Some of my favourite vegetables to juice are carrots and beetroot. Carrot, apple and ginger works really well and tastes incredible. If I’m juicing first thing in the morning I will always add ginger to give my juice a bit of a kick. Apple, pear and lime is also a popular choice, with the pear adding soluble fibre. It is also important to add greens, spinach is a favourite of mine.

When investing in a juicer look for one which is compact and easy to clean, as juicing can be a messy business and convenience is key when you are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. The Panasonic juicers are a great choice. The MJ-L500 juicer fills both requirements and also has a frozen attachment for making healthy iced drinks and frozen desserts. It takes up less room than a standard kettle and isn’t noisy (another plus).

I normally make a homemade smoothie or juice for Amber when she gets home from school to bridge the hunger gap between then and dinner time, it works really well for us, so maybe this is something which you could start to incorporate into your daily routine too.

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