Tips For A Less Anxious You

I’m very open about my struggles with anxiety on my social media pages and also in day to day life. For me it started way back in 2008 and I would rely on energy drinks and pro plus to get me through the day after a restless night. However I didn’t realise that they were making my physical symptoms worse for example heart palpatations. I was prescribed Propranolol a year later. Drs ususally prescribe these beta-blockers for anxiety as they help to control palpatations and the physical symptoms of anxiety. So I would take them before bed or if I was flying or going for an interview.


Fast forward to 2015 and I was still suffering with weekly panic attacks, insomnia and worrying over little things. I decided to stop taking Propanolol and do more research. I purchased ‘Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies’ and a few ebooks on Cognitive Behaviour Theraphy and Mindfulness .

IMG_20160122_150459 IMG_20160122_150513 By reading these I retrained my mind how to react to certain situations and how to process my thoughts before they get out of control and turn in to a panic attack.

I set aside 15 minutes twice a day to listen to a meditation app on my mobile, or to have a walk. This can be on your lunch break or before bed for example. But it’s important to get that valueable time for yourself in. I schedule mine in every day in my diary like I would a Dr’s appointment.


There are even some lunchtime Meditation classes where you can spend your lunch hour if you find your job stressful. Such a great idea and means you can skip back to work feeling more calm and productive.

Lastly, I deal with anxiety suffers every day at my job and I always recommend a Magnesium supplement. You can take it in tablet form, liquid or a spray. There are also Magnesium bath products. These can all aid a restful sleep and help symptoms but also help prevent them in the first place.

A good dietary source of Magnesium is a diet rich in vegetables, nuts and cacao.

I also highly recommend the charity Mind for help and support.


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