How To Reduce Condensation Build-Up In Your Home

Especially if you spend a lot of time indoors, you would want to make it comfortable enough, and condensation can get in the way of that. Aside from the discomfort, excessive condensation provides fertile ground for mould, dampness and rot in your home, which could lead to expensive repairs. Many factors cause it, but experts say the climate, structure, and some home activities are the top causes of excessive condensation, and this issue occurs in one in five homes. Here are some effective ways to reduce its build up to avoid paying more money than necessary for the damage.

Opt for double glazing and not single-pane ones

Double glazing windows have more to offer than single-pane options. Apart from enhancing your home’s insulation by 73%, it does an excellent job cutting out unnecessary racket from the outdoors. According to data, it can reduce up to 70% of noise, something every homeowner would clamour for. When it comes to condensation, double glazing glass is not as cold as its other counterpart. These windows have an internal temperature close to the indoors and an air-tight seal that prevents condensation. If you already have these windows and start to notice condensation, the possible answer is a faulty seal. And it would be a good idea to call in the experts to take a look.

Install an extractor fan

Proper ventilation is essential for combatting condensation build-up. The exchange between moist indoor air and fresh air from the outdoors is what aids condensation prevention. Adequate ventilation helps push moisture out of the room or house before the condensation process sets in. This is why you need an efficient extractor fan installed in your home. The bathrooms and kitchen are the best places to have this installation. 

According to experts, these are the top two areas of the home where condensation occurs most since there’s a lot of steam or vapour. An extractor fan will counteract the effects and leave your home at a reduced risk of developing condensation issues. The balance of humidity levels fights condensation. So, if you are yet to install an extractor fan, now you have more than enough reason to do so. It can save you money in the long term since condensation effects on a home can be expensive to treat.

Keep a consistent temperature in your home

Condensation is the direct result of warm air hitting a cooler surface. This causes the droplets of water you see on surfaces like windows and glass doors. A closer observation of this process reveals that condensation occurs due to contradicting temperatures. A possible solution is to keep your home at a consistent temperature

For many, this would mean keeping the heater on constantly, which also leads to higher bills. Fortunately, a programmable thermostat would be helpful in this situation. When your home’s internal temperature meets the set temperature, the heat goes off and maintains it for longer. It will only be activated when it detects a considerable temperature drop. With winter around the corner, remember to set your ceiling fan in winter mode whenever you are home.

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