Spring Into Style With These Boudoir Beauty Bangers

We may all be sitting in the middle of a frosty January, but spring is just ahead, and warm sunshine is only a stone’s throw away. You are already aware of the popularity of clearing your house out for the warmer months with spring cleaning, but even if it is frosty outside, you could be preparing yourself for overhauling your boudoir to make room for the warm months aheadIt’s not just a case of thinking about the fact the weather – and therefore your bedroom – will be warmer. Winter is all about thick, cosy rugs and blankets. It’s about heavy curtains and extra layers on the windows to keep the frosty blast out. In winter, we want to hibernate in our nests as the darker mornings draw us in for a further sleep, even when the alarm is screaming that it’s time for work. That’s not what happens during the spring. In the spring, the lighter mornings start appearing, and they give us a boost for the day. The last thing that we need to see every day is that heavy duvet with the extra fleece on top. We want the light to flood in and alert us that the sun is rising earlier, so that we can gather that extra energy for a spring in our steps. The sky is blue, the sun is warmer, and we are so ready to shrug off that extra cloak keeping us warm.

While you’re planning your holiday shopping list (hello, gladiator sandals), it’s time to turn your mind to other things – interiors being one of them. Starting with the place that you sleep is how you can turn your house from cosy cave to open paradise, and I’ve got some amazing tips for you.

Baskets. You are packing away your thick winter blankets and bringing out the lighter load, and that means bringing in the baskets. Extra throw pillows and blankets that you use in the winter months need to be kept nearby, just in case you decide to use them again through the warmer months on the odd chilly nights. Beautiful baskets in wicker like these can be excellent additions to the bedroom, while keeping your winter things close by.

Flowers. When you think about the Spring, you think about flowers. Florals are in for Spring and there’s no better way to give your bedroom an instant Spring feel than adding a vase or two of fresh flowers. Cut the stems short to focus on the blooms and make sure you choose seasonal ones. Daffodils are bright March flowers that draw a smile just by looking at them.

Bedding. Obviously, you change your bedding regularly, but while you’re out buying the best pocket sprung mattress to replace the old, tired one that you’ve been using, think about buying a new bedding set while you’re at it. You’ll need a duvet set that is lighter to reflect the warmer bedroom you’ll be sleeping in, and you can really colour match to the spring with white waffle sets like thesepastel sheets and accents of gold and silver. Fresh, pretty and on trend for spring 2018.

Window Treatments. You could be very into valance and heavy curtains, but in the spring time you want to invite the morning sun into the room, not shut it out. Take down the heavy curtains and valance that you have had on the windows, and replace them with light, pale curtains that let in a little of the cool air through the glass. Lighter curtains instantly make a room feel brighter and airier, which is the vibe you’re going for when you slough off the cold!

Candles. With the obvious safety fare about burning candles and blowing them out aside, candles are an excellent addition to the boudoir. They let off soft lighting in the Spring evenings, while bursting with scent should you buy that type. You can choose any scent that you like, but clean smells like cotton and linens are beautiful additions to any bedroom in the Spring boudoir makeover. You want to bring in style and beauty, and scented candles manage to knock both out of the park in one go. The bedroom is a place to relax, so go for a purple lavender scented candle and you can drift off to a soothing sleep while colour matching your accessories.

Air. Your window has likely been shut tight since the Fall, and while a closed window with the heating on can feel cosy and comfortable in the Fall months, it can feel musty and heavy when the days and nights start to warm up. Instantly lift the mood of the bedroom by throwing open the windows to let the fresh air through and swapping out your colours from dark to light.

Clean. The clue is in the phrase ‘spring cleaning’ , but it’s time to clean house. You need to get into every nook and cranny of that bedroom of yours and get it scrubbed down with beautifully scented bleach. You don’t have to buy up tons of cleaning products, and of course, you’ve been keeping things tidy. But these amazing drawer additions are an amazing way to make things smell like the wildflowers outside whenever you open them up. Cleaning the bedroom out – including decluttering – can make your efforts of being ready for Spring much more satisfying.

Your bedroom is a place you spend an awful lot of time. It makes sense to ensure that you have a beautiful, clean place to kick back and relax. Your bedroom should enhance your sleep, encourage relaxation and make you feel secure and comfortable. Shutting down your mind to the colder months is the best way to make sure that you are ready to overhaul and declutter ready for the Spring and Summer. It’s just a shame we are still sitting in January and with February to go before that spring cleaning can feel any kind of useful!


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