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If you follow my posts on Instagram you’ll know that I have a two-year-old called Amber and I love sharing photos of her meals. Just search #ambersappetite. One of my favourite snack brands is Organix and I’ve teamed up with them on a few campaigns already this year.

Their current campaign is called #lovegoodfood and it focuses on introducing a healthy diet and lifestyle for toddlers, something which I am very passionate about.

Childhood obesity is on the increase in the UK. Nearly a quarter of kids under the age of five are overweight or obese- the second-highest proportion of overweight under-fives in 28 countries studied. Scary, right?


Organix focus on producing snacks which have no artificial ingredients. Their mini oaty bites are fantastic as they release energy slowly and come in individual packets, so easy to eat on the go. My number one rule when it comes to toddler food/snacks is PREP!  I always make up a Tupperware of mixed fruit before bed and place it in the fridge, along with a bottle of water. I also put some Organix snacks in my changing bag, so when I need to take my daughter to  playgroup or just to the park I know that I won’t be tempted to buy sugary snacks whilst out. Amber also has a nut allergy so processed food could potentially harm her.


Another thing that frustrates me is the “healthy snacks are expensive” claims. It is so cheap to make your own cookies, flapjacks or cakes. Get the kids involved, they love helping and feeling useful and it’s a great way to bond. Healthy eating isn’t expensive but sadly that’s the excuse many people use. Please take advantage of food bloggers and healthy brands who always produce great free advice and tips.

Organix Website has some great tips and delicious recipes to try.

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