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So the Easter holidays have arrived and what better way to spend it than with a ‘Munch Bunch’ nature trail. TV presenter and mum of two Angellica Bell (pictured) has teamed up with the kids dairy brand to help get parents spotlight the good stuff in Munch Bunch- which has now added a reduced sugar fromage frais to their range of products. The fromage frais are made from natural ingredients. Angellica’s ‘Good Stuff’ campaign at Munch Bunch Website sees her providing helpful tips and advice for parents on interesting and fun ways to educate kids on where food comes from.

“As parents we just want the best for our children, so I’m not surprised so many reporit feeling guilty when it comes to feeding them. It is a constant juggling act finding foods that are good for them, convenient and delicious too.” -Angellica Bell

I think we can all relate to this, with the UK facing a kids obesity epidemic the pressure for parents to provide a health balanced diet has never been more important. And doing something fun and educational like nature trails is a fantastic way for parents and kids to educate themselves while getting some outdoor exercise in too.

So here are some fun tips for a successful nature trail.

1. Choose a good location. Farms are a great idea due to the sensory aspect of being able to explore sounds, smells and sights. And kids will love feeding the animals.

2. With sensory trails make it more fun by pointing out the animal sounds to your kids. “Can you hear the cow moo-ing?

3. Take along healthy snacks like fromage frais, yoghurt drinks, fruit salads or cubes of cheese. All of which are a great source of protein, dairy and nutrients.

4. Ask if the kids are allowed to see a cow being milked and use this experience as an opportunity to educate them on the importance of milk, dairy and calcium and their contribution to healthy bones and teeth.

5. If your kids are older I’m sure they would love to use their cameras to capture pictures and share it with their friends and encourage them to do their own nature trails.

6. Now is the perfect time to plant summer fruits and to get the kids involved. My daughters nursery are having a ‘planting day’ in a few weeks, so it’s worth finding somewhere local if you can’t plant at home. The kids will love seeing their work turn to real fruit.

So back to the nutritional side of things which is just as important as the fun stuff.


The new range of fromage frais come in strawberry & raspberry flavours. The 42g pots come in a pack of 6 and the macros are: 36 Kcals, 1.2g Fat (0.8g sat), 4.0g Sugars and 0.0g Salt.


Fromage Frais (from Milk), Sugar, Fruit Puree from concentrates (5.0% Strawberry, 4.5% Raspberry), Rice Starch, Natural Flavourings, Milk Mineral Concentrate, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Colour (Beetroot Red (Strawberry), Black Carrot Concentrate (Raspberry) .

A few ways to use fromage frais..

1. As a topping for fruit

2. Add to granola or museli instead of milk

3. As a topping for pancakes

4. Add to frozen banana, oats, milk and cinnamon to make a delicious thick smoothie.

Munch Bunch is widely available at UK supermarkets. For more information the team and Angellica can be contacted on social media.

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