How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthily

We all know the struggles of getting our kids to eat healthy food, let alone enjoy it. But have faith, there are many tips and tricks out there to get your children to start enjoying the healthier option.

Here are some ideas.

Slowly introduce new foods

Don’t spring new ingredients on them all at once, and try not to make such a big deal about it either. Just casually ask them to try this – and if you tell them their idol eats it all the time, it may help. If they still don’t seem too keen, experiment with different dips. – There are so many on the market now; you don’t have to just stick to ketchup and mayonnaise.

Make breakfast count

This is your chance to get a lot of fruit and fiber into your child’s system before a busy day ahead. Homemade fruity cereal bars are ideal if you’re on a time limit, because it doesn’t take long to prepare them, and they feel like a naughty snack to your children.

Get your kids cooking

The more involved your child becomes in choosing and preparing the meals with you, the more they will be interested in eating it because they made it. Go to the store together and let them help when you’re getting your groceries.

Make it look like what they want it to be

Pizzas don’t have to be an unhealthy option! If you use fresh ingredients and throw in a bunch of veggies, disguised under some cheese and pepperoni, and put it in the oven to cook, they will be none the wiser. There are some good halogen ovens that cook a little quicker too, so you won’t be losing out on time you don’t have. I love using wholemeal wraps as a pizza base.

You can even add sweet potato chips to the meal that you prepared yourself. This tastes so good, and your kids will benefit from all that nutrients. I love adding olive oil and paprika to the sweet potato chips before baking them.

Cut back on the junk

If you restrict what you buy when you’re out, means there won’t be all the temptation in your home. This will force your kids to look at a healthy snack instead because they don’t really have a choice. I find that shopping with a list means I am less likely to put random items in my shopping basket.

Allow some treats

Don’t stop all the treats, because your kids don’t need to diet; you just want them to eat healthier. Plus, the more you cut out of their life – the more they will crave it. So just stick with a happy medium and that will be enough. When it comes to treat try and make your own as much as possible. We love chocolate brownies but they can be calorific and full of sugar, so I prefer to make my own. This also applies to cookies

Be a role model

You can’t expect your kids to enjoy eating healthy food if you don’t. So if you have terrible eating habits or aren’t eating breakfast whilst preaching to your children that is the most important meal of the day – they just won’t care. It’s down to you to show them what healthy eating means, while making it fun and exciting, instead of boring and bland.

And don’t forget, with a healthy lifestyle comes exercise too, so make sure your kids are getting a good run around!


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