Organix Red Pepper Hearts


Amber is currently loving these red pepper hearts by Organix. They are organic corn flavoured with red pepper and carrot, and come in cute heart shapes. They are suitable for  7+months, so great for when your little one is confident weaning. I’ve tried them myself (much to Amber’s annoyance) and find them delicious. They are similar in texture to Wotsits, but without leaving you with orange fingers.



The ingredients list as always with Organix is simple and clear. Corn 90%, Sunflower Oil 12%, Red Pepper Powder 7%, Carrot Powder 2% and Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 1%.

Unlike similar snacks it has no added sugar or salt so it is a snack I highly recommend to fellow parents.

*This item was sent to me in return for a review. However this does not affect my opinion.




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