Plastic Free Periods With Wuka


When thinking about being more- sustainable, periods products are probably the last thing we would consider swapping. I grew up relying on sanitary pads, often spending up to £20 a month on pads thanks to having endometriosis and would use at least two towels each time to prevent leaking. That’s a lot of plastic over the years. Apparently an individual goes through approximately 11,000 disposable pads/tampons in a lifetime. Then there are also the chemicals in these products which is another factor in swapping to more sustainable options.

I swapped to period pants a few years ago and I am currently reviewing the Wuka ultimate high waist super heavy flow period pants. I must say that so far I have been really impressed with the design, quality of the fabric and the comfort. The padding goes quite high up as you can see, giving, extra comfort and protection. I also feel like it pulls me in at all the right places, win win. The pants hold up to 60ml of blood and are leak-proof and breathable, so they are ideal for wearing overnight or for postpartum bleeding instead of the bulky uncomfortable maternity pads. The pants are sustainably sourced and manufactured from  Tencelfabric which makes them super soft and stretchy giving maximum comfort. At £25.99 they cost roughly the same as what I would have spent on sanitary pads a month, so financially it’s a huge saving for me. Also it eliminates the risk of my period coming early and worrying about not having pads at home. So it’s convenient in that aspect too.

Wuka’s mission is to Wake Up, Kick Ass, break taboos and accelerate a sustainable world, as well as smashing stigma’s. They are inclusive and a breathe of fresh air.

Wuka prides itself on being the UK’s first eco-friendly alternative to plastic period products and WUKA period pants are completely carbon neutral plus. They have recently released their full carbon footprint analysis report which you can find here. What’s not to love?

Talking about breaking taboos, Wuka have also recently launched their very first lace lingerie period collection and the focus is to encourage us to embrace our sensuality. I actually remember having an underwear drawer for my period week and it would consist of frumpy black knickers as growing up periods were always something that were considered gross and would make us feel bloated. My mindset has shifted so much and I now embrace that time of the month by allowing myself some extra self-care, listening to my body and making myself feel as comfortable as possible. Add in some sexy lace period lingerie and I think we are on to a winner.

Have you tried period pants?

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