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I can’t believe that we are midway through October already! Autumn is my favourite season and Jupiter Hadley have kindly tagged me in their blogtober tag. I did one years ago and loved it. So sit down and have a cuppa..

What is your favourite fall accessory?

A warm thick scarf either leopard print or burgundy tones.

Where do you go to purchase new Halloween decorations / items?

Etsy and Sainsbury’s.

What is one autumn tradition you have?

I fully embrace hygge during autumn, so scented candles every evening once the kids are asleep.

What is your favourite Halloween Movie?

Hocus Pocus of course.

What is one candy you’d hope to not see in your bag while trick-or-treating?

Drumstick lollies

Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

Cosiest thing to wear as the weather gets colder?

Thermal leggings, they are the best for morning walks.

What is the coolest design you’ve ever carved or painted onto a pumpkin?

My pumpkins are always pretty basic I’m afraid.

Do you prefer bonfires on an autumn evening or haunted houses once the sun is down?

Bonfires with a glass of brandy to keep warm.

What are you most excited for this autumn?

Delicious soups and crusty rolls, and of course Halloween.


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