[Gifted} Six Second Scribbles

Sunday is always games day in our house and we have recently been trying out Six Second Scribbles by Gamely. Amber loves drawing and any games which are competitive so she loved the sound of this. I assumed that I would be great at it, given that I passed art with ease at school, but it turns out I was a bit cocky there as Six Second Scribbles really does test your drawing skills! I mean who knew that I would have no idea how to draw bagpipes even though I grew up in Scotland.

How to play

The box contains 110 category cards, 8 pencils and a tiny pad of paper. The cards are split into three categories from easy to almost impossible. The easy deck is suitable for the young ones and the harder decks are perfect for older kids and adults. You then all pick a card and have one minute to draw the 10 items on your card. My first card was fruit and my next one was ‘things beginning with C.’ Your friends must be able to guess your drawing correctly in order for you to score points.

The timer aspect makes it more fun and you will find yourself having a complete mind blank which is hilarious. What I love is that it’s suitable for playing at home or even on a train journey with the family. The game is suitable from 8 years+ and requires a minimum of two players. I can imagine that would get quite competitive with a big group too. Each round lasts around 10-15 minutes so it’s great for kids with short attention spans or as a bit of fun to pass the time.

This is definitely one to purchase as a stocking filling for a Christmas day bit of fun.

Price £14.99

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