Gorgeous Christmas Gifts For The Girls In Your Life

Now that it’s October and getting closer to Christmas are racking your brains what to get the ladies in your life? Or are you getting ready for the Bloggers’ Christmas Gift Swap? Either way, having some extra gift ideas never goes a miss. Below you will find a collection of the coolest presents to gift to your mum, sister, daughters or friends. So keep reading on for some Christmas inspiration.



Ok, even though it’s an oldie but a goodie, perfume can make that perfect Christmas gift. If you are going for a whole pile of presents for your loved one then a more reasonably priced bottle is the way to go. Look out for offers in high street chemist chains and perfume shops, where you can get hold of a decent bottle for a significantly reduced price.

If the perfume is the main event, however, you might want to splash a little more cash on the purchase. Of course, something like Chanel No. 5 is always a classic choice. But if that’s not quite the recipient’s thing, then try one of the other varies like Noir, which is extremely sophisticated. My favourite perfume at the moment is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s gorgeous and lasts all day.

Something quirky and cool

If they already have loads of perfume, and you don’t want to add to the eau de toilette mountain, then what about going for something a bit kooky instead? There are several places online that you can get some brilliant and unique gifts for women.

How about some flamingo slippers or a real life edible chocolate teapot? Unicorn slippers are always popular too.


Talking of teapots, Jadu Luxury Tea are perfect as a gift for tea lovers.

Designer homewares also make a good choice. Especially if you know the person well enough to gauge their taste and get something that they will truly enjoy. You could use Pinterest for inspiration too.


Ok, hats are big this season. Fedora’s, beanies, berets, they are all bang on trend. For the sensible granny in you, they also make a very practical gift for keeping the head of the recipient warm. But mostly they are all about the fashion statement.

Be warned, though, hats can be a very personal thing, so make sure you are 100% sure of your loved one’s style before plumping for this option. That, or keep the receipt.


Another Christmas classic that most people are as pleased as punch to receive is pajamas.

These are a great gift to buy as you can find something no matter what the age of the recipient. Fleece pyjamas are nice for the cold weather. You could even get several Minions or Harry Potter themed sets from stores like Primark, and throw in a fluffy robe and a sleep mask for good measure.

Craft Kits

If you are buying for someone creative, then a craft kit can be the perfect gift. It’s best to get a kit that comes complete with the resources and instructions that they will need to complete the entire project. You can choose from sewing kits, crochet kits or even a sock monkey kit. Just don’t let them gift you back the result, next year!

Comedy Gift

Picking up something funny is a great way to get a laugh on Christmas morning. How about a Santa toilet cover set to make sure even the littlest room in the house is festive?

Or you can make your own comedy gift by getting hold of a high-end gadget box from an iPad or Kindle for example using it as the wrapping for a t-shirt.

If you like this element of surprise idea, then you can wrap up a large box with a brick in and a tiny gift, so the receipt has no idea of what’s going on.

Makeup and Beauty

There are a lot of social events to be seen at around Christmas, so what women wouldn’t want to be gifted some makeup? It seems more traditional to give actual gift sets rather than individual pieces. But you could give a single high-end product like Creme de la Mer or a Dior Lipgloss.FB_IMG_1459022948311


Lastly, there is always room for a girl’s collection for a gadget or two. But what are this Christmas’s must haves? Well, depending on your budget there is Apple watch, which comes in a rather ravishing rose gold. You can buy different straps to match the face too, if you want. Or, if you are hoping not to clean out your entire life saving on a single gift, how about something like a leaf fitness tracker? With a fitness tracker,  your loved one will have the perfect combination of jewellery and functional utility.  They can track all sorts of things with it, like their sleep, exercise and even calories for the day.

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  1. Ahhh… Love this blog post! Super excited for Christmas. Always love receiving make up gift sets. It’s the perfect way to stock up for the year.. xx

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