How Online Dating Is Taking Over in 2021

So we are now over a year into the pandemic restrictions with these restrictions slowly lifting. 2020 saw the rise of online dating due to face to face dates being banned. However 2021 is where online dating is really going to thrive! People who would usually turn their noses up at online dating have even given it a go, and it has been even more popular in Scotland where singles have tried out Fife Dating Site to meet a lockdown partner in a fun, less evasive way. Not to mention putting together an online profile can be extremely fun and a good way to sell your amazing qualities.

Less pressure on first impressions

There is so much pressure when going on a first date, or even getting to that stage. Blind dates can also cause major first date anxiety which sort of ruins the fun atmosphere that you were hoping for. Having an alternative to this is great.

The benefit of online dating especially during lockdown is that you can be more relaxed and put less pressure on yourself.

For example your dress code can be more relaxed. Fancy dress on top, slippers on your feet and out of view. There is less pressure to choose the perfect date venue and no risk of accidentally bumping into an ex mid-date. Can you imagine how awkward that would be!

You can have a dress up theme night in the comfort of your own home once you are more comfortable with your new partner. Some ideas include roleplaying your favourite movie characters or doctor and nurse. Or you can have cuisine theme nights like Italian, Mexican etc and design a cocktail using ingredients from that country.

Another fun idea would be to design individual quizzes in order for your potential partner to get go know you better in a less pressurised way, then when it comes to having an actual face to face date you’ll both be well informed of what the other would like. You don’t want to arrange a cinema date if they hate watching movies. Or book your favourite steak restaurant if they are vegan, that would really mess up your chances of getting a second date!

Fife Dating also gives the more mature daters the opportunity to meet someone. This is perfect if you are newly separated or divorced and want to experiment with meeting someone new in an informal way or to find someone with similar interests and hobbies. Fife is great for the more outdoorsy type so post lockdown date ideas could include:

  • Dunimarle Castle Gardens

  • Windmill Barn
  • East Pier Smokehouse
  • Fife Cycle Route
  • St Andrews Castle
  • St Andrews West Sands Beach

Fife really is a great place to explore with a potential or new partner, it has so many options and caters for a variety of interests including food, sports, history and the outdoors. I have visited Fife on a few occasions and love the coastal walks.

The hard part is choosing who to swipe right for! But before you do that make sure to ask yourself these questions first.

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