I finally got my Manchester Bee Tattoo!

So you might have seen the buzz around social media recently over the bee tattoo appeal in Manchester to raise funds for the families and victims of the recent Manchester Arena terrorist attack.

Tattooists across the city (and apparently as far up as Glasgow) have been offering bee tattoo’s and donating the money to the Red Cross emergency appeal. The standard cost for the tattoo is £50 but this varies depending on where you go and what size you want.

So where does the bee reference come from I hear you ask…Well if you’ve ever been to Manchester you will have noticed the bee symbol everywhere, including on bins, bridges and buildings. The bee represents Manchester from way back in the 19th century when the city was the heart of the industrial revolution. Locals were working hard in factories and mills and were referenced as ‘busy bees.’ A term which has stuck around over the years.

Now I could have just donated the £50 instead of having the tattoo. However after the attack we, as a city stood together and showed the world the northern Manc grit and strength. And having something which symbolises this for life is a great idea.

So Drew and I booked to have our tattoos done at Oggie Tattoo in Fallowfield, Manchester. There was obviously a long waiting list, so mine was only done on Friday. It was worth the wait though, the attention to detail is incredible and Oggie is such a gentleman. This is my 6th tattoo and the one which has the most meaning. Every time I look at my arm I’ll spare a minute to think about the victims who were caught up in the horrific attack.

I’m so proud to be supporting the families at this difficult time.

Tattooists around the city are still offering their services or you can donate directly, here .

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