Jamelia..ignorance is bliss!

Unless you’ve been living on Mars you’ll have seen the backlash over the last 24 hours in reply to comments former pop star Jamelia made on Loose Women yesterday.

Jamelia said that she felt plus size and size 0 clothes shouldn’t be available on the high street and that people who fit in to these size categories should be made to feel uncomfortable if they can’t find their size.

Now in regards to plus size, many fashion stores consider anything over a size 14/16 as plus size. And if you’re a size 12 model you’re considered plus size.

I’m unlucky (or maybe you ladies might say, lucky) to have a big bust and when shopping for tops I usually have to go up a size or two. When I was younger I would get really upset that I couldn’t shop at Topshop like my flat chested friends. And don’t me started on bra shopping! However now that I’m in my 30s I’ve learned to embrace and love my curves. Don’t me wrong, I think Kendall Jenner’s figure is HOT but I’m perfectly ok with mine. I had an advantage growing up though, fat shaming didn’t really exist when I was a teenager, the ‘perfect’ Instagram fitness models didn’t exist and the popular  female celebrities were the Spice Girls and All Saints who were all different shapes and sizes and normal women. Now we are bombarded with what society believes is perfect. And it’s scary! Just the other day a girl died from taking diet pills which she bought online.

So in my opinion Jamelia’s comments were ill timed. Through my blogging I  come in to contact with many teenagers suffering with eating disorders. Some of them are a size 0 , some are a size 20 but ALL of them are insecure, scared and feel like they are letting their parents or families down. There’s sadness behind their eyes and they desperately want to be healthy and enjoy life like many other kids their age. They want to enjoy a Saturday  with their friends shopping, but are too scared of fitting room mirrors. They want to buy that outfit that Kendall is wearing on the cover of Look, but to them they’ll never look as good. This in turn brings on panic attacks and anxiety problems.

What these kids need is support and acceptance. They don’t need a judgemental idiot like Jamelia saying they deserve to feel comfortable for being the wrong dress size! They shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about a thing.

And on a personal level I have a young sister who lost her childhood battling a brain tumour from the age of 3 and now has weight issues due to cancer treatment, hormone injections and the endless other medication she still has to take 18 years on! The epilepsy my sister has due to her brain damage makes her feel uncomfortable. She doesn’t need to feel more uncomfortable when doing something enjoyable like clothes shopping.  Yes many overweight people haven’t got there through illness but you won’t know unless you listen to their story.

Strong women empower each other, we smile when we pass each other in the street, we compliment the new mum who is walking miles to burn off the baby weight, we salute each other because no matter what dress size we are we are all human and we all need that random act of kindness and confidence boost!

Jamelia, if you’re reading this… As a mum to two young girls your comments are extremely dangerous and very ignorant. Your comments on Loose Women are always very judgemental and you come across very self-absorbed and bitchy.

It’s never ok to be the Mean Girl… #callingsomeonefatwontmakeyouskinnier

P.S Curvy and Proud! 😉




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