Lapland Mailroom Letter From Santa Review

letter and certificate Can you believe that it’s only 3 weeks tomorrow until Christmas? I absolutely love this time of year and having a 3.5-year-old just makes it even more magical. _20161203_110423 To make Christmas even more special for her Lapland Mailroom asked me to review one of their ‘Personalised letters from Santa.’ The letters start from £7.95 and at the moment Lapland Mailroom are including a ‘nice child’ certificate worth £2.95.( I’ve blanked out the name). certificate Personalising your letter: There are 4 different letters to choose from, each with different wording. Once you have chosen your letter you can start to personalise it adding personal touches such as

  •  Your child’s name
  •  Age
  • What present they have requested from Santa
  • Where they live
  • Their best friends name
  • An achievement which has made Santa proud

The choice of letters is good if you are buying for more than one child as you can make them all completely unique. _20161202_155200 Lapland Mailroom offer a few different packages. We received the letter with activity pack which is only £8.95. This is great for preschool aged children and older as the activity pack includes decorations which require colouring. Also included is a ‘nice child’ certificate with your child’s name. The certificate is stunning and will be going into a frame for Amber’s room. _20161203_110239 The letters come in a personalised envelope addressed to the child and it meant that when Amber found the letter under the Christmas tree she could easily identify that it was from Santa. It’s not too late to order your letter and add even excitement to your little ones Christmas. The letters add a very lovely personal touch.

When Will My Order Be Dispatched?

Orders Placed Before Leaves Lapland Mailroom
27th November 2016 2nd December 2016
8th December 2016 9th December 2016
15th December 2016 16th December 2016
20th December 2016 20th December 2016

Worldwide Last Postal Dates for Christmas Delivery

Destination Last Postage Date
United Kingdom Saturday 20th December 2016
Western Europe Friday 19th December 2016
USA, Canada, Japan & Eastern Europe Wednesday 10th December 2016
South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (Except Japan), Australia & New Zealand Friday 13th December 2016
*Lapland Mailroom sent me a letter in return for an honest review.

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