Preparing To Celebrate A Special Occasion: The Easy Way


Special occasions occur all year around, but there does seem to be a certain concentration of them in the summer. months! Whether it’s your best friends wedding you’re helping with or your own birthday party, preparation will be key. However, this prep time doesn’t have to be stressful and manic. There are a number of elements that you can make much easier for everyone involved!

With my upcoming wedding and planning mine and Amber’s birthdays next month, these are tips which are not only helpful for me, but hopefully for you too.


Hire caterers, rather than DIYing it!

Sorting food and drinks yourself at an event is often seen as an effective way to save money. However, once it all adds together, and you start factoring in costs like transport, keeping it cool and cutlery? It can really start to mount. This is why hiring a professional caterer could be wiser. For one fee you get everything in- the sourcing, the cooking, the serving, etc. That’s not to mention how much hassle and hard work it saves you!

Also, don’t think that stuffy 3-course meals are the only option. Caterers across the country have cottoned onto the fact that people want something a little different these days. How about an afternoon tea style meal, an ice cream van coming to serve dessert? Or a cute little van that serves Prosecco!

Leave the invites to the professionals

When it comes to inviting your friends, don’t just send a text around, or a Facebook message. That will easily get missed. Plus, people won’t take it as seriously. Instead, do proper paper invites, but leave it to the professionals. You can always tell the difference. These vintage wedding invitations from Paper Themes are gorgeous. Or, if you’re doing a birthday party, how about an invite in the shape of a balloon? There are loads of ways you can be a bit more creative, and online is the best place for that inspiration! Search Pinterest to get started, or find a company whose designs you love. Then get in touch and see if they can do something special for your event!

Be in the area the day before

You may not need this step if the party is at your house, or is just a small event. But for anything bigger, like a wedding or anniversary, be in the area of the special occasion at least a day before. Book accommodation nearby. That day before is gold dust! You’ll want as many hours as possible to play with. A place to sleep nearby will make your day much longer. Staying close by doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be great fun! If it is a wedding you’re helping to organize, the bride will probably feel much better being close by. Accidents on the motorway or broken down cars don’t need to be a worry on the big morning! How about hiring a big house on AirBnB for you and all the girls? You can spend the evening before keeping her nerves at bay, and use it for getting ready in the morning!

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