The 5 Things You Need For A Happier You

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Today is International Happiness Day. I feel like I have been so much more reflective today and thinking about what happiness means to me and how I incorporate it into my daily life.

So I wanted to share my happiness must-haves.

1. Digital detox. We live in a world where technology is everything and the rise of smartphones and social media means we are never offline. This can be mentally draining and stressful. Social media has been accused of causing anxiety and then there is the issue of trolling aka bullying. My tips to combating this are to have regular offline sessions. Maybe commit to only checking social media twice a day or turning off notifications. Keeping your phone in a different room or having a technology box where everyone in the house places their phones in the evening so you can have quality family time without the distraction of a phone. Your family will appreciate the undivided attention.

2. Get Outdoors. Fresh air and getting outdoors doesn’t cost a penny. I love to go for a walk when I feel anxious or stressed. Parks are great or somewhere with a lake always calms me and takes me to my happy place.

3. Call a friend. Or in my case, my mum. My mum is always positive and I know that by the end of our chat I’ll feel much better. Having conversations with Amber always makes me happy too, kids have a way of making every story positive.

4. Find a hobby and dedicate time to it. I love meditation and it gives me the opportunity to change my point of focus and release any negativity.

5. The Law Of Attraction. I’m a firm believer that you get back what you put in. If you smile at someone they will smile back, if you are kind, you will get the same back. Surround yourself with like-minded people and watch your life change.

What steps do take to ensure you life a happier life?

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